What is sayat.me? Sayat.me is a free service which enables you to gather sincere and honest feedback from people you know or give feedback to others.

This website/application allows you to create your personal feedback URL and spread it via Facebook and Twitter to your friends and colleagues so, that they can give you anonymous feedback.

This "sayat.me Guide" will explain you in detail how to sign up for this service, how to create your questions and surveys, how to spread your personal sayat.me link, how to check, filter and share your responses.

We are not impersonating ourselves to be sayat.me. Our mission is to help you succeed with this great website/application. Enjoy!

How to register to sayat.me website?

This section will explain you in detail how to greate sayat account and your personalised "feedback url"

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How to create and edit my questions

Here we will provide you with a step-by step instructions on how to crete, edit and spread your questions online.

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How to customize my sayat account

We'll walk you throght the public profile creation, native language selection and your account settings

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How to check my responses

This section will explain you in detail specifics around feedback received.Don't worry!

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Is sayat.me free?

Answer: sayat.me is free to use. You don't have to pay nothing.

Is the feedback I receive anonymous?

Answer: Yes, definitely. You can share or delete any feedback received before anyone sees it. The goal of this site/application is to enable you to get anonymous input from your friends for your own self-development.

I need help, what can I do?

Answer: If you have any question related to sayat.me, feel free to contact sayat support via following email address: info at sayat dot me

You can also contact us via email at developer at covernator dot com

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