Opionions and feedback about sayat.me might be very controversial

We collected couple of reviews and opinions from different websites (Google PLAY store, quora, youtube etc.) and published them here for you. If you strongly feel about leaving feedback about sayat.me, you can do it by answering questions at the following page


" Unfortunately, in many cases giving people our frank and open opinion ends up in an argument, both because people don't like being questioned, and because few can make constructiveness shine clearer that negativity. This system aims to do something in order to alleviate such a tricky situation. Named Say At Me, it will empower anybody to receive feedback by others in an entirely anonymous way. Through the site, anybody can create a URL for the reception of feedback and have it spread using Twitter, Facebook and every other social service the user is keen on. People will be able to visit that URL and give its creator their two cents. And once feedback has been received, the user can choose to have it displayed on the website for others to comment on it and make further contributions. "

- Roger Hollings

" I actually love this product. I am unsure how secure and anonymous this is, but this is sure fun. "

- Arun Sathiya

"Perfect but.. There's one problem, we can't add/change the profile picture from phones, tablets etc... It only works with computers, make this available for phones please.. "

- Yousef

"See listen, the app is a really good feedback option. But it's simply too easy to abuse a person. One of my friends got abused for no reason absolutely and I urge the creators of the app to look into it, where stern action could be taken against the ones involved in verbal harassment. Either a reporting feature should be there else swear and curse words shouldn't be allowed on the app. Please look into it so that no one has to suffer from verbal assault and harassment."

- Ashish Cherian

"It is always Good to know about us better and this app does its job..! The only problem is it gets logged in automatically even after I logout"

- Sai Sampath B

"Nice idea but the app is not working perfectly. Maybe it has bugs or it is just my phone ."

- Prakhar

"Its done what its for But i want to block the Anonymous, because someone spamming me a lot ."

- feras majed

"If one could see the msgs they want just who has sent to them, it will cool! I mean some of which the only want to... I know it is already for anonymous But if someone is offended or someone is describing their love cutely they have right to have reply and know each other after anonymous reply! If it can be updated... people will like it more. "

- Uren Almoula

"App is good , but it needs some improvements. A very good way to improve yourself . ( some helpful info ) { you can only hide the private opinions by logging out from the account, otherwise your public and private both of the notes will be visible to those who will visit your public profile. } Once again good work people. "

- Jameela Yasmeen

"Nice Idea but... I really like the Idea but having a webView won't make a good app. You have to use fragments, RecyclerViews , sliders, login API etc.to sum up you have to work on enhancing the user interface as well as the user experience. "

- Ibrahim Alkhatib

How to register to sayat.me website or app

This section will explain you in detail how to greate sayat account and your personalised "feedback url"

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How to create and edit my questions

Here we will provide you with a step-by step instructions on how to crete, edit and spread your questions online.

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How to customize my sayat account

We'll walk you throght the public profile creation, native language selection and your account settings

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How to check my responses

This section will explain you in detail specifics around feedback received and how to share or delete them

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