Step 1.

Open the website or your application. In the top right corner you'll notice "en" (English) with an arrow down.

Step 2.

Click the language icon en

Step 3.

The list of currently supported languages will appear. Pick the one you like by clicking at it. currently supports the following list of languages: Arabic, German, Estonian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Dutch, Russian and Turkish.

DONE. Your account is now in your language!
Now you can proceed to the next step: Profile modification.

How to register to website or app

This section will explain you in detail how to greate sayat account and your personalised "feedback url"

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How to create and edit my questions

Here we will provide you with a step-by step instructions on how to crete, edit and spread your questions online.

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How to customize my sayat account

We'll walk you throght the public profile creation, native language selection and your account settings

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How to check my responses

This section will explain you in detail specifics around feedback received and how to share or delete them

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