Now when you have an account, it is time to create your first survey. You can create your survey in just minutes and immediately ask your friends to fill it out by sharing your feedback URL on the social media.

Step 1.

Click "New survey >>"in your account

Step 2.

The following screen (below) Create new survey will appear. Enter your full name and choose some strong password.

Step 3.

Enter some Title for your survey. (e.g. fashion related questions)

Step 4.

Enter some Description for your survey. Description here should ellaborate on your Title (Please see image below for example)

Step 5.

You can choose to have your survey as "private" by checking a box under Private. Private surveys are not visible to others in your profile. You can get responses to by spreading the survey URL.

Step 6.

Once you are happy with your Title and Description press Save and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 7.

Screen New question Now it is a time to create your Question and Explanation (Please see image below for the inspiration)

Please note that for every question you have option to decide whether this question will be Required (mandatory) or not.

Step 8.

For the type of answer you have 3 following options:
-"Text answer" (the answer has to be typed in manually.)
-"Single selection" (the answer can be selected from multiple options. Only one option/answer can be selected.)
-"Multiple choices" (this allows multiple answers can be selected)

Step 9.

Select desired type of answer and your enter options if you decided to go for option 2 or 3

Step 10.

Press SAVE at the bottom of your screen.

Step 11.

If you are happy with your first survey, then press: Publish this survey

Step 12.

Copy and paste your Feedback URL (Share URL) and post it on social media or share with your friends via email.

DONE. Your first survey has been created!
Now you can proceed to the next step: Account customization (profile creation, language selection etc.)

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