Now when your feedback URL (link) has been published online, it is a time to check your responses.

Step 1.

Open your account...

Step 2.

Click at "Received"

Step 3.

Now pick the results you would like to see. there are 3 options available: All, Feedback, Surveys

Step 4.

Pick the one you are interested in and check your results.

Step 5.

You can also see demographics of answers coming to your surveys/ questions. The screens looks like one below:

DONE. We hope it was useful.

How to register to website or app

This section will explain you in detail how to greate sayat account and your personalised "feedback url"

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How to create and edit my questions

Here we will provide you with a step-by step instructions on how to crete, edit and spread your questions online.

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How to customize my sayat account

We'll walk you throght the public profile creation, native language selection and your account settings

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How to check my responses

This section will explain you in detail specifics around feedback received and how to share or delete them

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